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Grand Tyre Wheel Alignment

Grand Tyre Wheel Alignment

Grand Tyre Wheel Alignment

Grand Tyre & Service Centre pays a great deal of attention when it comes to wheel alignment or tracking services. We just can’t stress enough how essential is for your car’s wheels to be set in the optimal position. Improper alignment can cause some serious consequences to your vehicle’s functionality and even safety, such as irregular and rapid tyre wear among others. Wheel alignment problems aren’t something you should neglect or ignore because handling and the very safety of your vehicle can be compromised. What’s the solution?

Grand Tyre & Service Centre strongly recommends its customers to check wheel alignment at least once in a year. Safety is unquestionably the most important, but not the only reason for regular wheel alignment. You can rest assured that any problem associated with the improper wheel alignment delivers a costly bill at the end of the month for you to pay. On the other side, your thoughtful and responsible approach to these matters can be rewarded with the impressive 12,000 miles of extra life you’ve ensured for your tyres. We should also mention the respectable fuel consumption efficiency, which is also influenced by the reduced rolling resistance once you hit the road with the properly aligned tyres.

Grand Tyre Four-Wheel Alignment

Grand Tyre & Service Centre applies a series of state-of-the-art sensors to evaluate 14 essential alignment angles for your vehicle’s optimal wheel alignment. This process includes: Toe in/out, Thrust Line, Caster, and Camber. Both position and orientation of your vehicle’s wheels are evaluated and compared against the manufacturer’s data and recommendations.

The price of our four-alignment services covers Grand Tyre alignment inspection and an adjustment of the front toe. If further adjustments are necessary, then additional charges may apply.

Alignment Vocabulary for Beginners

“Wheel Alignment” – refers to checks of both angle and direction of your vehicle’s wheels.

“Misalignment Positions” – refer to toe in/out and positive/negative/camber

“Toe in/out” – means that the front of your vehicle’s tyres is closer/further apart than the rear of your tyres.

“Positive/negative camber” – refers to the inward/outward tilt of your vehicle’s tyre.