At Grand Tyres, we emphasize on offering services and products of outstanding value. We take all measures to ensure that these materials provide the essential functions and features which are meticulously checked by us so that they can fulfill the requirements of the customers.

We offer different warranties on various services and products and this is mainly because of the wide range of all these services and products. Typically, all our items are protected by their producers' warranty.

On Road Validity

The replacement of the tyres and wheels of a vehicle can change its legitimacy while traveling. The vehicle's owner must make it a point to get in touch with appropriate road and traffic professionals prior to the improvements being carried out for finding out if they are allowed. Any legitimate issues that might come up with the purchase, as well as the setting up of wheels and/or tyres, cannot make Grand Tyres responsible for it.

Return And Cancellations

Typically, we tend not to take back any returns after 2 weeks from the invoice.

A 25% to 40% restocking charge might be inflicted because of any cancellation and in case items have been delivered and all shipment is compensated by the client, the shipping charges will become NON-refundable.

It will not be possible to return any kind of special order items.

Guarantee On Tyres

Here at Grand Tyres, we give assurance on the quality of all the tyres delivered as well as set up by us for the entire lifespan of the tyre. After purchasing the tyre, in case you find out an error made by the producer we would definitely change the item totally free. In case the tread of the tyre is used in excess of 20%, it is going to be replaced by Grand Tyres on a pro-rata basis (for instance, Grand Tyres is going to cover 60% of the expenses of a replacement tyre in case it is 40% used, whilst only 40% of the expenses are going to be paid by you). We are not cover any road hazard as warranty.
In case you have any additional queries please do not think twice to get in touch with us.

Warranty On Fitments

We are going to cover all of the transportation charges as well as replacement charges in case any items are shipped and do not fit unless of course, the automobile has undergone any kind of aftermarket alterations (lowered suspension, upgraded brakes, and so on). While purchasing make it a point to indicate any alteration to our personnel. Grand tyres aren't accountable for tyres that are scrubbing on guards and in case you have any issues we suggest rolling those guards. It is compulsory to report any fitment issues to us within 1 week of shipping.

Thanking you