Mickey Thompson
Deegan 38 Tyre

Tyre Details

The new Deegan 38 tyre from Mickey Thompson, designed in cooperation with racing icon Brian Deegan, is the ultimate all purpose mud terrain tyre with aggressive style and performance and great street manners, too.

Key Features

  • Micro-Gauge Sipes - The tiny incisions suck up and squeeze water out from the tread, increase cut and chip resistance and improve wet grip on-road.
  • Large Outer Voids - Stop mud from getting stuck, improving the tyre's ability to self clean.
  • Scalloped Shoulder Lugs - Combined with the large outer voids, scalloped shoulder lugs help to clean out more mud, improving off-road traction.

Performance Category: Off Road 4wd

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Pattern: Deegan 38

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Available Sizes

SizeLoad/SpeedRunflatLoad RangeVehicle CodePrice
31x10.5R15LT 109QLT109Q C $260
32x11.5R15LT 113QLT113Q C $295
33x12.5R15LT 108QLT108Q C $310
35x12.5R15LT 113QLT113Q C Call for best price
LTLT265/75R16 123Q123Q E $325
LTLT285/75R16 126Q126Q E $340
LTLT305/70R16 124Q124Q E $385
LTLT315/75R16 127Q127Q E $395
35x12.5R17LT 119QLT119Q D Call for best price
37x12.5R17LT 124PLT124P D $490
LTLT265/70R17 121Q121Q E $350
LTLT285/70R17 121Q121Q E $400
LTLT305/65R17 121Q121Q E $410
LTLT315/70R17 121Q121Q D $430
LTLT305/60R18 121Q121Q E $470
LTLT305/70R18 126Q126Q E $510
35x12.5R20LT 121QLT121Q E $520
37x12.5R20LT 126PLT126P E $610
LTLT305/55R20 121Q121Q E $525
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