Maintaining your new tyres for maximum longevity

Maintaining your new tyres for maximum longevity.

When you add up the costs of replacing tyres including both the price of tyres and their installation with balancing they can definitely add up to a significant investment . When you do replace your old tyres you certainly want to make sure that you do everything you can to ensure the investment continues to be a safe and economical one for as long as possible . In this article we are going to look at the top factors that will determine how long you can keep your tyres working for your optimal safety.

We need to make clear upfront however that due to the nature of tyre and transportation safety you should never extend the use of the tyres beyond their safe limits. Your life is more important than economy and with unsafe tyres it IS your life that may very well be put at risk.

The number one way to keep your tyres in tip top shape for as long as possible.

You can’t control some of the things that make your tyres wear down relatively fast. If you have to drive through certain conditions or terrains you will experience additional wear but one thing you can do and pretty easily is maintain the optimal pressure in the tires.

This is the number one way to both increase the durability of your tyres and maximize their safe use as well. Make sure to secure a tire pressure gauge at your local auto supply store (or online before your tyre purchase) . You’ll also need to check the manufacturers guide of your vehicle for the front and back tyres PSI (pounds per square inch). This is one of those cases where more is not better. Over inflating your tyres above the PSI recommendations or below can BOTH have consequences for your safety and the durability of your tyres. Normally this recommended reading is when the car has not recently travelled far and are cold. A good habit is to check your tyre PSI once a month and before you start the vehicle in the morning. Friction causes tires to warm and increase pressure. If you take a reading when hot and readings are within the PSI range they will be below it when cold. Manufacturer guidelines are based d on cold readings

The number one way to keep your tyres in tip top shape : Part Two

Tied with keeping the right PSI in your tires is making sure your vehicle’s alignment is correct. If you notice your car definitely pulling left or right on a regular basis its out of alignment. Being out of alignment will cause parts of your tyre to wear faster than other parts. Once wear gets to a certain point in any part of your tyre it should be replaced.


A close runner up to the top two ways

Finally, though it can be easily skipped because it can be bothersome, rotating your tyres will help to prolong the life of your tyres immensely. You might have noticed that your back tyres tend to be worn down slower than your front. With steering and turning the front tyres can endure excessive wear. Rotating helps to balance out that issue

 If you follow these three basic tips - you will find the investment in your new set of tyres will last much longer and be of more value.