Save up to %30 In Simmons WheelsSave up to %30 In Simmons Wheels

Save up to %30 In Simmons Wheels

Simmons Wheels are among the most iconic wheels in Australia. Having been in the business of manufacturing quality 3-piece ,2-peaice and one piece ,wheels for more than a decade, Simmons Wheels have been gracing such luxurious cars as Ferrari, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini, and Porsche. And while it definitely has an elite look and quality to it, you don’t need to own one of these luxury cars in order to enjoy the quality and service that they offer. Precision technology is the main reason behind Simmons Wheels’ reputation. All three of its components, from the wheel center to the inner and outer rim sections, are manufactured using state of the art machinery in a very exact and stringent procedure to ensure that they pass the highest quality standards. we are proud to carry Simmons wheels in stock.

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