Nexen Tyre is a world-renowned manufacturer of tyres. The company recently announced that it will start supplying tyres of Porsche Cayenne with the N’FERA RU1 255/55R18 109Y XL as the OE (original equipment) tyres. Nexen is supplying the OE tyres of a Porsche car for the first time. In Dandenong, Grand Tyreswill supply these OE Cayenne tyres from Nexen at the best tyre price. With respect to the driving experience, the N’FERA RU1 from Nexen which are now available at Grand Tyres in Dandenong, has already proved their impressive cornering stability as well handling, especially when driving at high speeds. The tyres have received A grade from EU Labeling due to their exceptional wet grip. Moreover, the tyres have also received Noise Level 1 rating which is the lowest EU Labeling noise level. People in Dandenong looking for the best tyre shop for their Porsche Cayenne can get in touch with Grand Tyres for these OE tyres. The tyres use an innovative 3D-Nano Grip Technology which substantially increases the braking capability of the tyres which can be very beneficial at high speeds. There is also the Fast Reversible Technology which helps in improving the durability and steering response. To further improve the handling stability, the tyres also feature aramid hybrid capply cord as well as special bead filler compound. “As Grand Tyres is the distributor of Nexen tyres in Dandenong, our Dandenong tyre shop is very excited with this new offering for Porsche Cayenne. As always, our tyre shop in Melbourne will offer world-class services to our customers looking for these OE tyres for Porsche Cayenne.” CEO of Grand Tyres said in an interview. Grand Tyre is also looking at this new product launch as an opportunity to further enhance the brand value by offering OE tyres of a premium car model. The tyre shop in Dandenong is also planning marketing activities, including online tyre sale, and is aiming to further expand its range of original equipment tyres of many other premium brands.