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Grand Tyre & Service Centre is an independent and a reliable provider of tyre&Wheel services. What does it mean to be independent in the demanding business world of top class tyres?

Well, you should be aware that this business independence we’re proud of comes with a huge responsibility. Having more than 10,000 tyres in stock, at any given moment, means that we have the strength to resist brands-related „pressures“ and „recommendations“, which sometimes may work against our customers. Grand Tyre & Service Centre plays by its own rules and recommends only the tyres, which guarantee both unquestionable quality and affordable price for our customers. We speak in our own name.

We are tyre-trendsetters; we aren’t blind brand followers!

Grand Tyres Team

Our qualified and experienced team will take care of the following:

    Quick and efficient oil check/change
    Premium maintenance consultations and checks of your vehicles

Each and any member of our professional team has a proven track record in this field to support all decisions, recommendations and choices we offer for your dearest „four-wheel-pet“.

Why Grand Tyre & Service Centre?

Guarantees – are the inevitable part of our services and work.

Reliable – character of products we offer and services we provide is something we aren’t willing to compromise about.

Advanced – solutions have become one of our well-known “trademarks”. One step ahead and one-mile advance area always reserved for our customers.

Notable – and prestige are two words we’ve embodied in every single working minute we spend with our customers and their vehicles.

Discounts – are rewards for your choice and loyalty, which are never compromised by hidden costs.